1. Each client has the right to be on the territory for the paid time.
2. Check in time from 12:00 – Check out time until 12:00
3. Rules for resident’s:
· Keep cleanliness, silence and public peace;
· Keep dishes and kitchen area clean after use;
· In period between cleaning every guest is required to keep clean in their rooms and in the common areas: toilets, bath, kitchen;
· Before leaving switch off all belonging electrical devices;
· Follow fire safety rules;
· Compensate for property in case of loss or damage;
· Respect neighbors;
· Keep silence from 23:00 till 7:00 and do not disturb others. Violation of silence after 23:00 is an administrative offense;
· Use accommodation strictly for living, do not pass the keys, do not provide accommodation (place in it) to other persons;
· Take care of equipment, economically use water and electricity;
· Notify the administration of damage, destruction of property;
4. Residents are prohibited:
· To throw garbage and food waste in the toilet, sink and through windows;
· It is forbidden to smoke in living quarters and in the surrounding territory. Allowed only outside in special signed places for smoking;
· It is forbidden to take out the trash from the rooms to the kitchen;
· It is forbidden to nail down nails and screw screws into furniture and walls, put posters and stickers on the walls;
· It is forbidden to store flammable, chemical, radioactive substances and weapons in the room;
· It is forbidden to invite strangers into rooms, hand over keys, leave the door of the room open;
5. The administration is not responsible for personal things of the residents.
6. During the stay the guest has the right to use the following services included in the cost of living:
- Kitchen equipment;
- Shower, toilet;
- A set of bed linen, iron and ironing board;
- Wi-fi internet and TV.
7. In case of loss or damage of the property, the guest must compensate the cost of the damage.
8. By guest request the whole room can be provided to him entirely for full payment of all places (if are available rooms).
9. The administration reserves the right to interrupt ahead of schedule the guest's arrival and evict him if he is in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or other intoxication or in the event of other violations of the rules of residence and / or public order without a refund, including for the next days.
Guests in strong alcohol intoxication may be denied in residence.
10. The administration has the right to terminate the contract for the provision of hotel services unilaterally in case of violation by the guest of the rules of residence, late payment for services, causing material damage.
11. The administration is not responsible for the operation of city communications (electricity, water supply).
12. In case of discovery of forgotten things, the administration takes measures to return them to their owners.If the owner is not found, the administration will store the forgotten things within 7 days.

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